Get Rid of Wrist Pain by Using a Vertical Mouse

Get Rid of Wrist Pain by Using a Vertical Mouse

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Today we will share with you about keeping your wrist healthy during long sessions at the computer by using a vertical mouse. A 2 or 3 button mouse with the hand in a face-down position is the common device being used in offices and homes around the world. By using a different type of mouse known as the vertical mouse, we can reduce strain on our wrists.

So what is a vertical mouse? A vertical mouse is a device similar to a normal computer mouse except is constructed in a way to keep the hand vertical when placed over it. Hence the term vertical mouse which is designed to keep the wrist neutral while in use. This "handshake" position reduces strain on the wrist.

The conventional mouse position twists the forearm and is an unnatural position for long term use. The sharp pain we get when using the conventional mouse for long periods is because of this.

Some points to check when buying a vertical mouse: performance - what is the processing speed? A fast processing speed compared to others results in less lag. How comfortable does the mouse feel? Check the contours, is the mouse smooth or have rugged irritating edges? Check the size - buy a mouse that fits your palm comfortably. Also check if it is the correct weight - too heavy means difficult to maneuver but usually accurate. Lightweight means easy to maneuver but usually inaccurate. Finally, check for good features like adjustable DPI rate, programmable buttons, thumb rest, and side grips.

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